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A Brutal and Petty Year: Some 2024 New Year's Disillusions

Movie Update #2

A Christmas Delusion

Ghosts of Radio Shacks Past

My God, It's Full of Stars

No Offense, Wolf

One Gaping A*Hole

Happy No Giftmas to You

Old Fashioned

I Love You, Ambien

Thanks for Coming to Des Moines

Bundled Up Against the Cold

Today I Choose Gratitude

Rats in a Cage

Stuff It In Your Ears!

Stones on my Chest

Mike Johnson is a Funny Name for Mike Johnson

Out of Left Field

Shuffle Up and Deal

The Jump Ball


My Pooper

Adults: Halloween is Not For You

We Were Young Once, and Beautiful

The River and the Sea and the Tree of Life

Party Time. Excellent.

In the Room With the Shit and the Fan

What Makes Georgie Run?

Meet Michael Ian Schwartz

The NRA is a Terrorist Organization

I Don't Know

I Want to Believe...

Elvis Has Entered the Building

How's the Weather?

Cult Coffee and Krack Kroger

I'm in the new Louis CK Documentary: Here's Why


My Not-Very-Good Movie

Getting Lauren Boebert Off My Chest

The Case Against Russell Brand


On Two Protests

Those Darned Jews

Eat This, Not That

Books Make You Horny

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us.

Slimy, Clotted, and Besmucked

Look What They Made Him Do

In Acknowledgement of Small and Scary Miracles

Club Aspire

Invite your friends to read Michael Ian Black


Do Your Homework

Sunday Recommendation: Detectorists

In Praise of Gray and Drizzle

The State of Our Fuckedness Is Strong

Some Thoughts on Obama v. Trump


They Say It's My Birthday


Sleeping Dogs

Paying the Toll



Little Pink Houses for You and Me


Write What You Know

The End is Nigh

"You're So Dumb It's Endearing"


If I Had A Billion Dollars

I, Pedo


Those darn Jews!

Boldly Going... Somewhere

Strike Two

My Home State


You Can Call Me Saul

Some Quick Thoughts on Nostalgia

A Terrible Idea

The Flying Cars are Here

Karma is a Bitch

What's Going On?

The Almighty Church of Fuck Y'all

Dumb Dummy

In the Hereditary House of Satan

This is Going to Hurt

Here's How I Would Run the Russian Coup

What A Fool Believes

What if the Republicans are Right?

Summer is Terrible

No Joke

Now I'm in Nebraska

Some People Died Yesterday

Now I Live in London

My Last Day in Rome

What if Trump Drops Out?

An Innocent Man

The Rightwing Alien Agenda

Are You Ready For Some Foolsball?

Holy F'ing Shit

Flying Orbs

Watching Sports is Boring as Hell

Boys and Girls, Action!

Mike Penance

Bird Watching

Memorial Day

Panic! at the Target

Divided, Demoralized, and Disoriented.


Here's What Kind of Soup I Think Each Member of U2 Would Be

Martijn Doolaard Builds Something Great

Sunday Recipe

We've got UFOs?

White Supremacy Isn't a Threat to Black Folks

Some Quick Recommendations

Buddy Hawley

George Soros Hates Humanity

Nothin' But a Good Time

My Mom

85% of People Don't Have Souls?

Life is Short and We're Dumb

Reach Out and Touch Faith

Notes From a Reluctant Deist Part II

Notes from a Reluctant Deist


Happy Coronation Chicken Day Everybody

Shooting Off My Mouth

Guns! Guns! Guns!

Does anybody else...

My Crowder Encounter

How To Help Yourself Get Over Yourself

Joe's Running Again!!


Fiat Fiasco

You Down With WPP?

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